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CIF San Diego Section on the hot seat

It seems CIF San Diego Section and its commissioner, Dennis Ackerman, are also being taken to task by citizens for apparently being arbitrary and discriminatory in application of CIF Bylaws and penalties. The stench is so bad, even the local newspaper and a television station have jumped in to the fray with stories, opinions and ample television time:

Local CIF plans independent investigation into bias claims (San Diego Union Tribune)
Violations at Poway High were apparently ignored
(San Diego Union Tribune)
Appearances seem fishy in Poway probe (San Diego Union Tribune)
Citizens Against CIF spokesman outlines case against Ackerman (KUSI TV)

The story being told in San Diego is eerily similar to many stories around the state. With little to no oversight, CIF commissioners feel free to dispense “fairness” and enforce of CIF rules as they see fit. Some schools get a pass on violations (or a slap on the wrist), some do not. Some players get a pass, some do not. Preferential treatment rules the day. Clearly, people are fed up with CIF and want change. Read the comments on the bottom of the Union Tribune stories or watch the video.

Yes, change is desperately needed.  It’s going to take a lot of work, but it will happen. I applaud the folk in San Diego for applying continuous pressure. It is needed. Stewart Payne, head of Concerned Citizens Against CIF, gets a “thumbs-up” from me.

The good news is change is in the wind. Not only are everyday folk like me working hard to “out” the CIF, there’s legislation (Assembly Bill 352 and Assembly Bill 1154) moving through the state legislature that will force the CIF to give the public greater access to CIF records and challenge its decisions. I call this much needed transparency. It’s also called shedding light where it needs to be.

By the way, props to Assemblywoman Audra Strickland for authoring these two bills. If you’d like to show her your support or simply tell her your CIF story, give her a call at (916) 319-2037.

I do plan to cover the legislative angle more deeply in coming posts.

  1. Monte White
    March 3, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    I have had the misfortune as an Athletic Director to witness the CIF orchestrate their case through half truths, the manipulation of truth, and being judge and jury. Logical arguments and empathy are not apart of the equation once the CIF has established what they want. Information was sought that supported what they wanted and those that had a differing opinion or knowledge were not contacted Fairness and doing the right thing is secondary to their their personal agenda. The CIF was created to work for the schools of California. However the CIF thinks we work for them. Wrong again CIF. A transparent CIF would expose the behind the scenes dealings that do go on. If you are in the inside good for you. If you are not, too bad. Heaven forbid that we collaboratively worked together for the good of kids and and eliminated intimidation, bullying and threats of repercussion for disagreeing with the CIF

  2. Citizens Against CIF
    March 3, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    The Citizens Against CIF – SD greatly appreciates the CIFWATCHDOG for this informative article. We’ve come a long way in our fight for fairness, justice and transparency, but have miles to go before CIF reform is achieved. Calling on the resignation of CIF commissioner, Dennis Ackerman and his assitance Bill Mclaughlin is only a fraction of our efforts toward real CIF change. Their Bylaws are unlawful, their investigative tactics are crude, their attorney’s are cut-throat, and their overall attitude stinks!

    Yes, CIF has hired an independent investigator to look into our allegation of abuse. But let it be known that the “investigator” is a Defense Attorney, and has been well paid by CIF. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce that CIF is acting as its own judge and jury. The responsiblity for investigating any and all allegations of abuse by CIF should be in the hands of the California Department of Education. We hope that Jack O’Connell will step up and do his job, protect the innocent citizens of this state!

    Let the north join with the south and do what must be done – Change CIF!

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