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UPDATE: Barry Makes Local Basketball Debut

March 17, 2010 2 comments

Youth Basketball Academy (YBA) Dawgs varsity team opens AAU season at Hardwood Palace in Rocklin

By Christian Hendricks,

Remi Barry Recruiting WebsiteClick here

Credit: Christian Hendricks

LOOMIS, California – Remi Barry, the French national transfer student denied eligibility to play high school basketball by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), will finally hit the floor Saturday when the YBA Dawgs open up the Spring AAU competitive basketball season at Hardwood Palace in Rocklin. The 6’7” Del Oro High School transfer student will play alongside a lineup of Sierra Foothills League (SFL) star players from Nevada Union, Rocklin, Granite Bay and Del Oro. Also included on the roster is 6’9” Yuba City star Zack Nelson. Other key players from Colfax and Vista Del Lago are likely to join the squad.

Barry hasn’t played in a high school game since February of 2009, but worked out with the Golden Eagles all season. “I’m really excited about playing this weekend,” Barry said, “I really would have liked to play high school basketball this year, but AAU is a good substitute since I’ll be playing with and against the area’s and nation’s best players.”

Barry did not suit up for the Golden Eagles this season after the CIF ruled his transfer violated its bylaws. Barry’s appeal of the CIF ruling was denied by a CIF appeals-panel in January. Barry and his lawyer then filed for a Stay in Placer Superior Court that would have allowed him to play prior to a court hearing on the merit of the CIF’s initial denial. The plea for a Stay was unsuccessful and Barry was resigned to cheering for his teammates from the bench for the remainder of the SFL season and post-season play.

Coached by Millard “Doc” Haynes, the YBA Dawgs varsity-level travel team is expected to fair well locally and at NCAA-sanctioned tournaments in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. “Last year, we put a lot of top-tier teams on notice at sanctioned events, “said Coach Haynes, “This year we expect to do even better. We expect to win.”

Founded in 2004, YBA basketball teaches local youth basketball players the fundamentals of the game in a competitive environment and provides older players with the opportunity to be seen by college coaches and potentially secure scholarships.

Barry is still a highly recruited D1 college prospect despite missing his senior year.  “We’re confident YBA will provide Remi and our other seniors with greater exposure to college recruiters and coaches,” said YBA Program Director Ken Gee, “These are talented kids who will likely be scholarship players in college next fall.” During the past seasons, several YBA players secured playing commitments and scholarships to Harvard, St. Michael’s, St. Mary’s and UC Davis among other schools.

Saturday’s tip-off is at 3:30PM on Court 2 at Hardwood Palace. YBA matches up against Carson Valley AAU out of Minden, Nevada. Hardwood Palace is located at 1091 Tinker Road in Rocklin. For more information call (916) 543-4433.

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Lies, Damned Lies and CIF Statistics

We all know how important the use of statistics can be to winning an argument or swaying public opinion. We also know politicians have become experts at creating and using statistics on the fly with little worry of backlash given the public’s limited appetite to question or do the research required to validate. Politicians prey on laziness and ignorance.

Apparently, CIF officials know this all to well and have no problem invoking the same strategy when it comes to getting what they want. Especially when that something is winning an appeals case or making CIF and its commissioners look good in the eyes of peers, the press, CIF members, parents, the public and, most importantly, the legal system.

In a recent article, State CIF Appeals Coordinator, Bob Wallace told the Auburn Journal, “…the CIF hears more than 100 appeals challenging section rulings statewide each year, on average. Nearly 60 percent favor the athlete appealing…” That does sound awfully good – six of ten athletes appealing a CIF decision win upon appeal. That kind of number makes it look like CIF is actually listening to appellants and upon hearing “evidence” contrary to CIF findings, overturning its original decision. On the flipside, it makes the 40% of denied appeals seem to be really bad since CIF is, after all, so accommodating when it comes to appeals.

Mother always said, “If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true.” That’s right everyone, what Bob Wallace said was factually incorrect. Not true. Flat our wrong.

According to a CIF Economic Viability Report submitted to the State Legislature and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in January of 2010, CIF eligibility decisions were overturned on appeal less than 40% of the time. The facts show CIF decisions were overturned only 30.4% and 36.8% of the time during the 2007-08 and 2008-09 academic years respectively. For those interested in how their section fared, the document breaks out appeals hearing results by CIF section.

Seems like the headline for this story and my mother were right.

Rocklin and Roseville High School recruiting violations

March 2, 2010 32 comments

Update (4/11/2010): The Sacramento BeeRocklin Coach Steps Down, Cites Relentless Pace
(Note: Story notes reason for Rocklin being placed on probation by CIF)

(March 2, 2010) Evidently Rocklin and Roseville High Schools have been sanctioned and placed on “Level One Probation” by CIF for infractions CIF won’t disclose. I contacted Pete Saco via email and he wrote, “It is not the practice of the CIF Sac-Joaquin Section to discuss any sanctions levied against any member school with the media or general public.” Pete then instructed me to contact each school regarding the nature of the infraction. I do know from a post on CIF Sac-Jaoquin section’s website the infractions were violation of Bylaw 510 (recruiting violation).

Seems to me if CIF were acting in the best interest of the public and its member schools, it would readily disclose the details of the infractions and penalties imposed rather than hide behind a website post and the offending schools.

I guess I am left to speculate. And, I can do that. This email – October email Chain – obtained from CIF, establishes Roseville High School violated CIF Bylaws by actively recruiting Remi Barry. In the email, Coach Granucci approaches Keith Moss and pretty much begs for him to place Remi at Roseville High.

The email also implicates Steve Taylor of Rocklin. Not for recruiting Barry, but for recruiting Moss’ son to play at Rocklin. I don’t know if Granucci’s claim against Taylor is true, but either it is or someone is lying.

Clearly, there’s a serious violation of CIF rules plus a serious allegation of a violation detailed in this email. Is it to much to ask CIF to come clean on what’s going on here? The best thing CIF can do is provide transparency with regards to the sanctions against Rocklin and Roseville. Were the sanctions related to Barry or were the sanctions for earlier infractions?

To be clear, CIF is not coming clean. Instead they’re using their business as usual approach and hiding behind walls. Walls that clearly need to come down. Don’t believe it? Well, here’s Pete Saco’s response –Saco response to inquiry – to my detailed request for information.